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Accessing SurveyGizmo

Fuel Cycle is enabled to work with both SurveyGizmo and Qualtrics to make data collection seamless and fast. A community can have one or both survey platforms enabled.

When SurveyGizmo is enabled for the community, a unique SurveyGizmo account is required for each user that needs access in the Fuel Cycle admin. If you do not have a SurveyGizmo account and need access, please contact your customer success team.

How to add your SurveyGizmo Credentials to Fuel Cycle

  1. When your account is created in SurveyGizmo, you’ll receive an email with a link to activate your account and create your password.
  2. Next, login to the Fuel Cycle admin for the community and click “Account Settings” from the options in the upper right (under your username).
  3. Under the communities section, you’ll see fields for SurveyGizmo username and password. Please note: The username should be your email address. For password, enter the password you created for your account.SurveyGizmo Credentials
  4. Save the changes and you will now see the option to launch SurveyGizmo from the Survey Management section of the platform.

You can work with SurveyGizmo from the platform backend. SurveyGizmo requires a customized redirect link, that is different than the Qualtrics redirect, to ensure that the survey experience is consistent with the overall community member experience and that data is captured properly. Follow the directions when working with SurveyGizmo in Fuel Cycle.

Survey Types

There are three types of surveys that can be used in the Fuel Cycle platform.

  1. Recruitment/Qualification Survey: This survey type is used when recruiting new members. If you have specific criteria you need to be met for new members, this is how you screen the users before they register.For example, if you need members to be in a specific age range or have an interest in a particular product or brand, you can use the Recruitment Survey to ask them these details and then only send users who match your ideal criteria to registration. Any disqualified users will be taken to a custom message screen where you can let them know they don’t qualify.When creating a recruitment survey, you will add disqualification or over quota logic as described in the section titled “Creating a Recruitment/Qualification Survey.”
  2. Activity Survey: This survey type is used for members in the community. It is attached to an activity and can be launched as a login poll or from a discussion detail page. This will be the primary type of survey you will use in the Fuel Cycle platform. For details, see the section titled “Creating a Content Survey.”
  3. Live Chat Survey: Live Chat surveys are one-question surveys that are displayed during a live chat. Members will answer the question during the live chat and mod and client users will see real-time results. For details on how to create a live chat survey, see the section titled “Creating a Live Chat Survey.”

Launching SurveyGizmo

To launch SurveyGizmo, go to Survey Management from the dashboard, then click the “Launch SurveyGizmo” button. SurveyGizmo will open in a new window. Please note, that you will need to navigate back to the Fuel Cycle platform in order to import the survey.

Updated on February 9, 2020

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