Creating a Campaign: Step 1 – Parameters

Campaigns are email blasts to multiple members in the community.

Campaigns are used to help promote available research and engagement activities with the use of emails that can be sent to all members or a segment of members.  Campaigns are also used to send recruitment emails to invite people to join your community.

To create a new campaign, go to Communication Center > Campaigns, and click on the New Campaign button.

You’ll first add the basic details for your campaign in the Parameters tab.

Communication Center - Parameters

Name: Required. This is for internal purposes only and displays in the list view of Campaigns. This helps you distinguish the different campaigns. A maximum of 100 characters are allowed.

Subject: Required. This is the actual subject line of the email. A maximum of 150 characters allowed.

Preheader: Required. This is the preview text that displays to users in their email inbox. It is recommended to have 90 characters, but you can enter up to 150 characters.

Automatic Login Links: When enabled, members will be automatically logged-into the community and taken to the activity detail page that is linked from the email. For security reasons, we restrict the number of clicks to 1-3 depending on the settings enabled for your community. Once a member has used all of their autologin links, they will be prompted to log in before continuing to the activity page.

Marketing Automation Integration: This requires the Member API integration. If you have this integration and enable this option, we will not send the campaign to members who have recently received an email from your marketing automation platform.

Updated on June 4, 2020

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