Campaigns: Automatic Login Links

Campaign emails from Fuel Cycle can contain an automatic login link, which will automatically log a community member in when they click a link in a Campaign email.

This simplifies the member experience by taking them directly to a discussion or survey to participate in one-click, rather than prompting them to log in first. Only the first link a user clicks in the email will allow the auto-login feature.

For security reasons, once a link has been clicked, future clicks will require login if the user is not already logged into the community.

Enable/Disable Automatic Login Per Individual Campaign

Automatic login links can be enabled/disabledYou can turn on or off automatic login links when you create a new campaign. In the “Email Content” tab, you’ll see a new option for “Automatic Login Links.” By default, the option will be set to the option specified in Communication Center > Settings.

When the setting is edited here, it will only apply to this specific campaign.

Updated on June 4, 2020

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