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Communication Center Overview

The Communication Center allows you to communicate, share and recruit with members directly from the platform. There are a number of ways to contact members through the Communication Center.

Campaigns are email blasts to all members (or segments and groups of members). Campaigns are fully-customizable and you can link directly to the content inside of the community. You can also see data for each campaign email, such as opens, clicks (including which links received more clicks), bounces and unsubscribes.

Click here for more information about creating campaigns.

Recruitment campaigns are email blasts to non-members of the community that include a registration link. The benefit of using the Fuel Cycle platform for recruitment email campaigns is that the entire recruitment process will be tracked within the platform. This allows you to have access to the full recruitment cycle data in one place so that you can see what campaigns have been most successful.

Click here for more information about creating recruitment campaigns.

Support messages are member-to-moderator messages. These messages can be initiated by a member or moderator. There is only one support thread per member so that moderators can easily scroll back and view all communication with a member. Support messages allow you to keep track of all communication between moderators and members and will help prevent messages from getting lost.

Click here for more information about support messages.

System emails are automated emails that are sent out to members, such as account activation or forgotten password. You can customize the design and text for each type of system email from the Communication Center.

Click here for more information about system emails.

Updated on June 4, 2020

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