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Community Settings – Privacy

This article briefly summarizes each aspect of the Privacy Tab of Community Settings.


The following text will display to EU members in compliance with GDPR EU regulatory requirements. You can use the default text provided or edit it if needed.

Overview: The overview will appear on the first page of the privacy site. This section is meant to provide visitors an overview of what’s on the privacy site.

Information We Collect: Information We Collect is a page of the privacy site. This section is meant to summarize privacy policies in clear and user-friendly language.

Privacy Policy: The Privacy Policy discloses all the details and disclosures necessary to comply with regulatory requirements, particularly with the respect of the collection of user data. It is a legal document. This policy will appear on the privacy site.

EU Privacy: The EU Privacy statement appears in a pop-up notifying members accessing from the EU of the privacy disclosures available on this website, specifically related to the GDPR. This should link the community privacy site. Members will be asked to accept the policy.

Enable User Data Controls: This setting must be enabled to comply with privacy regulations. New regulations (including the GDPR) require websites to provide users with the right to be informed and make choices about their data. This setting enables these user data controls, including the user’s ability to access, export ,and erase their personally identifiable data. This setting may conflict with your organization’s data retention policies. Please consult with your legal and privacy team and make your selection. All communities are required to make a selection. If you choose to enable user data controls, this means that users may export and erase their data. If user data controls are disabled, users will not be able to export or erase their data.

Automatic Activity Export Deletion: Set the expiration of activity exports files. Files will be automatically deleted after the time period selected, which can be between 3 and 365 days. You may re-request exports, which will reflect the current data on record. This setting is designed for privacy regulations.

Please check the box to confirm your review of your company’s policies.

For more detailed information regarding privacy, please refer to our Privacy Controls article here.

Updated on December 18, 2019

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