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Downloading Recruitment URL Stats (Conversions)

To see the metrics breakout of a particular recruitment URL, locate the “Action” dropdown option in the applicable row and click Download Stats.

Use the following legend to guide your view of the Metrics:

  • Starts = Participants who clicked into the screener to begin it
  • Responses = Participants who completed the survey but didn’t drop (Completes + Terminates combined)
  • Drops = Participants who are partial completes because they did not finish the screener
  • Completes = Participants who qualify through to the end of the screener
  • Terminates = Participants who are disqualified at any point in the screener
  • Total Signups = Participants who qualified through the screener and created a Fuel Cycle account
  • Signups Activated (DOI) = Members who created a Fuel Cycle accounts and activated their email addresses
  • Signups Not Activated (SOI) = Members who created a Fuel Cycle account but have not yet activated their email address
  • IR = The incident rate as calculated from these conversions

The Disqualification Breakdown will give you a numeric output of how many participants disqualified for each Termination/Disqualification point in your screener survey. The “Step” name corresponds to the naming convention chosen in the Skip/Disqualify/Termination logic in your screener survey.

Updated on May 7, 2021

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