Eye-tracking for rich biometric insights

Eye-tracking taps into biometric feedback at a deeper level, giving you a richer, more objective set of quantitative data. Record, replay and analyze the smallest details of their experience – sampling their perceptions with millisecond precision. EyesDecide’s unique webcam eye-tracking solution removes all the old barriers to entry by delivering affordable and high-quality eye-tracking to any webcam enabled desktop or laptop device.


EyesDecide contains all the tools needed to build, run and analyze eye tracking studies. It’s powerful enough to tackle the most complex of research projects, while still turn simple projects around in as little as an hour.

  • Test all of your content — test any content from website mockups and video advertising, to something as simple as an email or newsletter.
  • Biometric insights — advanced eye-gaze and mouse visualizations help you get into users’ heads and understand why decisions are made.
  • Industry leading compatibility — no software downloads required for participants, with support for Chrome, Firefox and Safari across Mac, Windows or Linux.


  • Generate heat maps — as a primary visualization tool, heat maps allow you to easily identify problem areas with flexibility over styles and options.
  • Areas of interest — AOIs are a powerful tool to quantitatively assess how users are engaging with individual elements and components.
  • Watch individual replays — watch instant replays of your target audience navigate and engage with your products and designs.

Use Cases

  • Usability and UX — understand how users flow through your website measuring their engagement with each element.
  • Advertising effectiveness — measure the visual impact of advertisements and which designs attract the most attention.
  • Wireframes and mockups — test designs early in pre-production to provide hard evidence for design decisions.
  • Product packaging — optimize your product design to stand out from your competition on the store shelf.
  • A/B/M testing — randomize multiple variants of your design to determine which is the most effective.

How it Works

An EyesDecide study can be launched in Fuel Cycle through an activity, where community members can seamlessly access the study. Fuel Cycle will automatically transmit any related profile points, allowing you to filter and segment your results within EyesDecide’s analytics and reporting dashboards.

Updated on August 30, 2019

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