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FC Analytics – Overview

FC Analytics powered by MarketSight

FC Analytics powered by MarketSight is a powerful addition to your Fuel Cycle community, providing you with an intuitive analytics platform for creating crosstabs, conducting statistical analysis, and generating interactive charts and dashboards to share with stakeholders.  FC Analytics is here to help you make the most of your data by harnessing multiple sources of community data and uncovering a wealth of holistic, statistically significant insights.


  • Connected Data – Uncover powerful insights by connecting multiple data sources, including surveys from any platform, operational data from CRMs, online behavioral data, and much more.  Compare longitudinal data with a few clicks.
  • Fast and Easy – Conduct meaningful analysis, faster.  Access PhD-level analysis tools and review automatically highlighted statistical significance through an easy-to-use interface.
  • Visualized Results – Visualize and share your findings by creating charts and interactive dashboards, and easily export into custom PowerPoint and Excel templates.


  • Insights From All Data Sources – Create custom data sets from all the data sources within your community including surveys, longitudinal profile data, demographics, CRMs, online behavioral data, mobile app event triggers, and much more…
  • Powerful and Intuitive Crosstabs – Decrease time to insight with drag-and-drop crosstab creation and the ability to manage and edit variables in-platform.  Focus your time on analysis with automated statistical tests and calculated p-values.
  • Engaging Charts and Dashboards – Visualize compelling insights with integrated charts, batch chart creation, interactive controls, and export into customized Excel and PowerPoint templates.  Share interactive dashboards for data-driven decision making across the enterprise.
  • Advanced Statistical Analysis – Conduct advanced analysis for deeper insights with correlation to understand different strengths of association between variables, linear regression to create predictive models, k-means clustering to validate business assumptions, and much more…

Use Cases

FC Analytics powered by MarketSight is here to help you make the most of your data.

  • Product Development – Understand which products should be introduced to specific markets.
  • Brand Tracking – Analyze and track trends in brand perception cross various segments and demographics.
  • Customer Experience – Understand and improve touch points throughout the customer experience journey.

Learn More

Contact your Fuel Cycle representative to learn more about FC Analytics powered by MarketSight.  For more information and guidance on MarketSight features and capabilities, please see the MarketSight knowledge base.

Updated on January 2, 2020

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