Fuel Cycle Email Composer: Adding Buttons

Adding Buttons

To add a call-to-action button, click on the “Content” tab in the right column and drag the “Button” box into your template where you’d like it to display.

Email Composer - Add Button 1

Once the button is added to your template, you can customize it by clicking on the block.

Email Composer - Add Button 2

  • Change button text by clicking into the button and typing the new text. Like with editing a text block, you can change the font, size and other formatting options as you type.
  • From the right column “Content Properties”, you can change the button background and text color, alignment of the button, width, border, and padding.
  • To add a link to the button, go under “Action” and paste a link into the URL text box. Otherwise, you can use the “Special Links” option or “Link File” under the URL field.
    • When you select Special Links, a pop-up window displays where you can search for Published or Scheduled activities in the community and automatically insert the direct link to that activity.
Updated on June 4, 2020

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