Fuel Cycle Email Composer: Editing Text

To edit a text block, simply click inside the block and you’ll see formatting options display as you type or paste text into the block.

Email Composer - Add text

  • Fonts: There are a number of email-friendly fonts available from the font drop-down. Please note that these are the approved fonts. We don’t recommend using a custom font because those will not always display properly to all email recipients.
  • Basic Formatting: You can change the size of the font, and bullet or numbered list, change the color and more using the options that display in the toolbar.
  • Merge Tags: If you want to insert a global variable, such as the user first name, place the cursor in the text where you want the variable to display, then click the “Merge Tags” optionEmail Composer - Add text placement
    • You’ll now see all of the possible variables that can be inserted into the text.Email Composer - Merge Tags
    • Click the merge tag that you want to use and you’ll then see it added to your text block.Email Composer - Tag placed
  • Special Links: If you want to create a link in the text to an activity in the community, highlight the text you want to turn into the link and click the “Special Links” option.Email Composer - Special Links
    • You’ll now see a list of all the Published and Scheduled activities in the community.Email Composer - Special Links 2
    • Simply click the activity title to add a link to that activity in the text.
Updated on June 4, 2020

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