Managing Email Campaigns

You can manage your campaigns from the Communication Center (Communication Center > Campaigns).

In the list view, you’ll see all Active campaigns, which include drafts, scheduled and sent campaigns.

When an email is in Draft or Scheduled status, the name is clickable and takes you to the Edit view of the campaign.

When an email has been sent, the status is “Completed” and additional information displays. You can click the arrow next to “User Distribution” to download a list of all User IDs that the email was sent to. In addition, stats related to the email are displayed, which includes:

  • Sent: Total number of members in recipient list (keep in mind, this number does not include members who have opted out/unsubscribed from emails. Those members will never receive campaign emails even if you include them in the recipient list).
  • Delivered: Total number and percentage of people who received the email.
  • Bounced: Total number and percentage of bounced emails. When a member’s email is bounced, we will no longer send emails to that member until they change their email.
  • Opens: Total number and percentage of unique members who opened the email.
  • Clicks: Total number and percentage of those who clicked links in the email of those who opened the email .

For each campaign, additional actions are available. Those actions include:

  • Preview: Opens a pop-up window preview of the Desktop and Mobile view of the email.
  • Copy: Allows you to create a copy of the email to create a new campaign.
  • Edit: Only displays for emails that are Scheduled or Draft. You can also click on the email name to get to edit view for that message.
  • Archive: Moves the campaign to Archived status. Archived campaigns can be viewed by selecting the “Archived” filter at the top. A campaign cannot be deleted until it is first archived.
  • Export: This will allow you to download a full export of the campaign. The export includes a detailed list of all members who received the email, bounced email accounts and how many times a member opened and clicked a link in the email.
  • Stats: This opens a new screen that shows you basic stats for the campaign, which includes opens and clicks by day and 
  • Delete: This will permanently delete the campaign. You cannot recover a campaign after it is deleted.

This section allows you to keep track of all campaigns in your community and the success of each campaign.

Updated on November 17, 2020

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