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Fuel Cycle is committed to providing clients with a secure, reliable platform that prioritizes security and safety above all. New European Union regulations on privacy and data protection were enacted with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

GDPR places new and substantial requirements on organizations to protect personal data, but it also helps the research and customer insights industry to ensure personal data is managed in a responsible way.

The Fuel Cycle platform privacy controls make it easy for our customers to manage community privacy disclosures and data controls. These controls are designed to provide compliance with current regulations, including new GDPR requirements.

Privacy and Security

This article highlights a portion of Fuel Cycle’s privacy controls relevant to your community settings.  Fuel Cycle also includes many sophisticated privacy and security controls to protect data and in addition to those summarized here. Please contact your Fuel Cycle representative for additional information.

Privacy Controls

Fuel Cycle communities feature a community privacy site for members.  This provides members and visitors easy access to clear messaging with privacy policies, disclosures, and access GDPR mandated data controls (as applicable). Members can access this site at (Note: this privacy page is reserved for all communities at this address).

The privacy site is accessible to the public.  This way current, potential, and past community members always have access to your privacy policies.

Members can learn about your privacy policy and access their data controls on this site.  The text and options displayed on the privacy site are configured in the settings outlined below.



Please review each setting and modify as applicable to your community and in accordance with your company’s policies. If you have questions about your organization’s policies, please consult with your legal and/or privacy team.

Privacy Controls

Clients can configure their community privacy controls by logging into the client section of the website and navigating to Community Settings > Privacy.

The text on your community privacy site is fully customizable so that it can match your company policies. We’ve added templates that you can modify as a starting point (or replace entirely with your own text). You can also add any specific terms and conditions as applicable to your community and company.

The privacy site includes the following customizable sections:

  • Overview – This section will appear on the first page of the privacy site. This text is meant to provide visitors an overview of what’s on the privacy site
  • Information We Collect – This section is meant to summarize privacy policies in clear and user-friendly language
  • Privacy Policy – This section discloses the details and disclosures necessary to comply with regulatory requirements, particularly with the respect of the collection of user data. This policy will appear on the privacy site
  • EU Privacy – Members accessing the community from the European Union will be prompted with your privacy statement. These members will be required to accept these terms to continue with the community

Additional configuration options are available.  See the client privacy configuration page for detail.

After you’ve configured your terms and conditions preferences, please indicate that you have reviewed these settings with respect to your company’s privacy and data retention policies and click on the “Save” button on the bottom of the page to record your selections.

Terms and Conditions

You can configure your community to present a Terms and Conditions modal when members register and login.  This text is fully customizable and the settings can be configured on Community Settings > Labels.

  • As Link – When checked this will display the terms and conditions full text to members as a clickable link
  • Label – The title text of the terms and conditions.  Terms and Conditions is the suggested default text
  • Full Text – The full terms and condition text – to be completed by your team
  • Agree to terms as checkbox – when enabled users must agree to the terms and conditions to continue as a requirement.  This text for the checkbox is customizable

After you’ve configured your terms and conditions, click on the “Save” button on the bottom of the page to record your selections.

How Privacy Controls Impact Data

Privacy controls can affect your data in several key ways.

Data exports on the platform will automatically expire.  We periodically purge exports from the system.  You may re-request expired reports at any time. This will re-execute the report.  These reports will automatically reflect the latest snapshot of data at the time the report runs.

Members who elect to erase their data will no longer appear in the exports.  All identifying data will be erased.  The record status will indicate “deleted” and the date of the erasure.  This action is permanent and cannot be reversed.  Fuel Cycle will retain no record that the user existed in our system in compliance with regulations.

If you have additional questions about how privacy controls impact your community, please contact your Fuel Cycle representative.

Updated on December 18, 2019

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