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Profile Points and Qualtrics

When creating and editing profile points, it’s very important to follow specific steps to ensure the most current data is refreshed and properly syncing between Fuel Cycle and Qualtrics.

1. Creating & Editing Profile Points

You can create and edit profile points at any time, but data will not be immediately updated until you select the “Refresh Data” button on the P2 Engine listing page.

Progressive Profiling - Refresh data

This will import and update the data for all of the profile points and is very important to do after creating or editing any profile points.

While the job is running, you’ll see that the status is processing. You will want to wait until the processing is complete before running an export so that you’ll use the most current member data.

2. Updating Embedded Data for Previously Submitted Survey Responses in Qualtrics

When a member takes a survey, Qualtrics records the most current data for that member at the time of the survey … essentially, it takes a snapshot of the user’s embedded data at that moment of taking the survey.

If you create or edit a profile point, the embedded data associated with a survey response already recorded in Qualtrics will not automatically update. For any previously-created survey that you need to push refreshed embedded data to, go to Surveys, find the survey and click “Updated Response” link.

Progressive Profiling - Update Responses

Note: This action is only available to super moderator users.

When Update Responses is clicked, all embedded data (profile points) will update for users who have taken the survey in the past (essentially, updating the snapshot Qualtrics took of the user’s embedded data to include any new changes made to profile points).

Please note: Any new survey responses taken after you refresh the profile point data will include the latest embedded data. The above option is only necessary if you need to update previously-recorded responses.

3. Updating Data for Exporting List of Users in Qualtrics

When you export a list of users inside Qualtrics, you might notice that not all embedded data is included for all users in the export. This is because a user’s data isn’t updated until they take a survey.

So, let’s say you created a new profile point and it’s been running for the past week. During that time, 50% of the members have participated in a survey, but the other 50% haven’t. If you export a list of users in Qualtrics, only the 50% who participated in the survey will have the most current embedded data.

To fix this issue, you can manually update data for all users from Surveys by clicking the “Force Qualtrics Panel Update” button.

Progressive Profiling - Force Panel Update

Note: This action is only available to super moderator users.

Once you click the button, it will set the update job to run at midnight. After the update happens, you can export a list of users in Qualtrics and all data will be updated for all users.

Updated on June 4, 2020

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