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Update to Profile Settings and Questions

Recently, custom profile questions were moved to a new section in “Surveys” called “Polls” and includes a list of both predefined and custom questions.

Polls are defined as one-question polls that can currently only be used in profile/account settings, but in the near future, these questions can be embedded in other areas of the community. All polls can be used in Profile Points, which is why these are grouped together in the Polls section.

Polls consist of two types:

  • Predefined
    • These are the predefined demographic questions, such as marital and job status.
    • Predefined questions cannot be edited, but are now listed on this page, because they are part of Polls and can be used in Profile Points
  • Custom
    • These are now created from the newly-renamed Polls section.
    • Custom questions can only be used in profile settings at this time.
    • In the future, these questions can be embedded into activities, homepage, live chat and campaigns

Update to Profile Settings

  • Show in profile icon has been removed from this page. To show a profile question in the profile to all users, you will need to create a Profile Point with the question as a source and select “Show in Profile”
    • NOTE: Moderator and clients will see all profile questions when viewing a user’s profile in the community (even questions not set to show in profile).

    • If you want members to be able to view a profile question, you must create a Profile Point and select “Show in Profile” as described above.
  • Adding survey questions to embed to the user profile have been removed from the Profile Settings page. You will now need to create a profile point and select “Push as embedded data” to achieve this.
  • In addition, the Force Qualtrics panel update has been moved to the Surveys landing page. You’ll see a button for “Force Qualtrics Panel Update”Force Qualtrics Update 1
  • When you select it, a message will display confirming the panel update has been initiated and will run at midnight. After the update runs, this message will be removed.Force Qualtrics Update 2
Updated on June 4, 2020

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