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Segmentation Typing Tools

What is segmentation?

Segmentation is the strategic division of the market into distinct subgroups based on attitudes, behaviors, demographics, or some combination of these factors.

What is a segmentation typing tool?

A segmentation typing tool is the means by which the consumers are divided into pre-determined segments. There are different kinds of typing tools. One example is an algorithm that uses consumers’ answers to a set of questions as inputs. A simpler example is a sequential set of questions that places consumers into segments once they satisfy certain conditions based on their answers.

How are segmentation typing tools typically used in Fuel Cycle?

In Fuel Cycle, typing tools are programmed into profiling screener surveys using Javascript. 90% of Fuel Cycle clients program their segmentation typing tool as a part of their profiling screener survey and we encourage doing so as best practice.

This allows for the most optimal user experience as new community members are recruited into the Fuel Cycle platform, as well as for community members that are transitioning from another online community platform.

If a segmentation typing tool cannot be programmed into a profiling screener due to its proprietary nature, or involves the use of a third-party vendor, please consult your client success manager and on-boarding team as soon as possible.

Updated on August 23, 2018

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