SMS Campaigns

SMS Campaigns compliment Fuel Cycle’s existing email and push notification campaigns. On average, people check their phone 85 times per day which makes SMS open rates 82.1%. With text-based announcements, you can help community members stay up-to-date on new activities, announcements, and reward opportunities – and drive engagement and participation with your community.

What are SMS Campaigns?

SMS Campaigns are text messages that are sent to members who have provided a verified mobile number for their account. These campaigns can link to the community homepage or to a specific activity.

If you have auto-login enable for your community, members will be taken directly to the activity without having to login for immediate participation. If the member has the mobile app installed, it will open in the app. If not, they will be taken to the page via their mobile web browser.

SMS Campaigns are supported in most countries. Click here to see a list of all supported territories.

Enabling SMS Campaigns

If you would like SMS Campaigns for your community, you must ask your Fuel Cycle representative to enable it for your community. You will also be asked to provide a shortened version of your community name to use in the message.

SMS Campaign format is as follows:

[Shortened Community Name]: [Custom campaign text.] [Link to community or activity]

Below is an example of how that might look with real text:

Fuel Cycle: New customer experience survey available! Earn 5pt for completing. https://fcsms.ico/329118

The reason for a shortened community name is to allow for more text in the message before it breaks into multiple texts. If your community has a particularly long name, you’ll want to provide a shortened version so that you have more characters for the actual message. We recommend 10 or fewer characters if possible.

Member Mobile Numbers

SMS Campaigns will only send to members who provide a verified mobile number. To enable mobile number for members, go to Members » Profile Settings.

Locate Mobile Number and select first the checkbox next to the “eye” icon, which will display the mobile number field to members, but make it optional. If you want to require all members enter a mobile number, make sure to select the “asterisks” icon.

  • Optional: When the mobile number is optional, the next time the member logs in or when a new member signs up, they will see the Mobile Number prompt, but can click “Skip” to bypass it.
  • Required: When the mobile number is required, the next time the member logs in or when a new member signs up, they will see the Mobile Number prompt and will be required to enter a valid number before continuing to the community or completing sign-up.

In both cases, members who enter a mobile number will be sent a text message with a 6-digit code to verify the number is valid before the number is saved.

Members will also receive an opt-in text message when SMS Campaigns are enabled. This first message is in compliance with SMS regulations and will say the following:

[Community shortened name]: You are signed up to receive SMS announcements! MSG and Data rates may apply. You can stop at any time by clicking here –

By clicking the link, members will be taken to their Communication Settings and can disable SMS Campaigns at that time or any time in the future.

Creating an SMS Campaign

First, navigate to the Communication Center and then SMS Campaigns.

Click on the + button at the top of the page to create a new SMS campaign.

You will be prompted to add the following elements:

  • SMS Campaign Name – an internal title for moderator reference
  • Message – the actual content/text for the text message that can be up to 130 characters and can include emojis.
  • Automatic Login Links – similar to email campaigns, this will automatically be enabled if you have automatic login links enabled for the community. However, you can disable this on a per message bases here. We recommend enabling automatic login links for the best user experience and to encourage participation.
  • Link Notification to – This is the link that will be added to the text message and can take a user to the community homepage or to a specific activity. If linking to an activity, you can only choose from Published or Scheduled activities.

Before scheduling the SMS Campaign, you have the option of sending a test to yourself or any other team member. This is useful for previewing how a text message will look on your own phone. Click on the Send Test button and a popup will appear.  Enter valid mobile numbers for any people who should receive the test and click the “+” to add them to the list of test recipients. Then click “Send Test” to finalize.

You may also save a draft of your push campaign at this stage by clicking on the Save draft button.

Next, click on the Save and Continue button to proceed with Scheduling your SMS campaign.

On the Schedule page, select the recipients in the following categories:

  • User – Users defined by role or status
  • Groups – Specify a group.  For example, this can be the same group you invited to an activity
  • User Distribution List – Upload a list of member user IDs
  • Activity – Specify an activity and associated member behavior like comment/uploading or completing a survey

Finally, you can schedule a time for your SMS campaign to run.  You may also save the campaign as a draft and return later to schedule it.


On the SMS Campaigns page, you will see a list of the campaigns that have been created and their corresponding stats.

  • Sent: Number of members who received SMS Campaign
  • Clicked: Number of members who clicked a link in the campaign

For templatized language that you can use to announce SMS campaigns to your community, click here!

Updated on June 8, 2020

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