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P2 Engine – Syncing Profile Point data

IMPORTANT: Once you are done creating and editing profile points, you will need to click the button for “Manually Refresh Data.” This will import and update the data for all of the profile points and is very important to do after creating or editing any profile points.

While the job is running, you’ll see that the status is processing. You will want to wait until the processing is complete before running an export or using the profile point, so that you’ll use the most current member data.

The data for the profile points will sync in the following scenarios:

  • Moderator manually triggers job: A moderator can click the “Manually Refresh Data” button from the P2 Engine section to manually sync all profile point data at once.
  • A user answers a question: Whenever a user answers either a poll or survey question used in a profile point, the job will automatically run to pull in the latest data.

Active and Archived Profile Points

All active Profile Points will continue to sync data based on the scenarios outlined above. If you no longer need a Profile Point, change the status to Archived. This will not delete the profile point, but will stop syncing the data and it will no longer be used in exports, dynamic grouping, etc. You can always reactivate a profile point to use it again.

When editing a Profile Point, please be aware of the following:

  • Question Sources can be deleted. When a source is deleted, all responses from the source are removed from the profile data. Only the remaining sources will be used.
  • Answers and Choices cannot be deleted. Deleting an answer or choice could result in broken dynamic grouping logic and could cause other issues. If you don’t want to use an answer or choice in the profile point, select the checkbox next to the “eye” icon when viewing all answers or choices. This will disable the option and it will no longer be used with the profile point. You can enable the option again by deselecting the icon.
Updated on June 4, 2020

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